What does it cost to host an FCN Movie Event?

There is no cost for churches to host movies. Instead, people attending the movie are charged for tickets.

How much are tickets?

For Premium Releases, ticket prices are $11 for adults and $9 for children 12 and under. For Classic Library movies, tickets are $5 for adults and free for children 12 and under. For both types of movies, there's also a fee of $1 per ticket, plus 1%. .

Can our church buy tickets and give them away?

Yes, you may purchase tickets on your ticket registration link and provide them to church members or the community for free or a discounted rate.

How do I set up my registration / tickets link?

You will receive an email with a link where you will need to fill out your venue information, including address, contacts, dates, etc.

How long does it take for me to receive my registration / tickets link?

Once you've filled out your online form, it usually takes a couple of days to get the registration link to you so you can start inviting people to get their tickets.

How will I know who has registered and purchased tickets?

We will send you a daily report to keep you updated on registered ticket sales for your event.

Can I sell tickets at the door?

Yes! We recommend having a computer or smart device available so you can take registrations at the door. If you have cash sales, you will need to enter those registrations online after your event. You will have 48 hours to complete those additional registrations.

Is there a minimum number of tickets I need to sell?

Yes, there is a minimum of 10 tickets that must be purchased for you to host an event, but like you, our hope is your event draws in scores of people. We provide you with downloadable promotional materials to get the word out.

When will I receive the movie link?

If you have sold the minimum of 10 tickets, you will receive your link to access the movie approximately one week prior to your event date. Use that week to test your system to make sure you are ready to show the film. Please note: you cannot share this link.

Can I host an FCN title in a movie theater?

FCN works primarily with churches, as well as schools and organizations, to offer alternative ways to experience movies. That said, if there is a theater near you that doesn't offer first-run movies, you can work with them to see if they're willing to allow you to rent the theater and use the Faith Content Network's content-delivery and ticketing systems.


Who handles the ticketing?

Brushfire is our FCN ticketing partner. Selling tickets to your movie event is easy with FCN's free ticketing platform provided by Brushfire. You have the freedom to sell and manage tickets for your movie. Once you've registered to host an event, look for an email from Brushfire with your ticket registration link, and then daily updates with a list of those who have registered for your event.

Technical questions ... I have technical questions!

Testing and Technical Information

In order to host your movie, you need to make sure you have the following:
• An Internet Connection
• A desktop or laptop computer
• A mobile phone or tablet

While FCN will stream your event at the highest quality possible, it is important to know that your viewing experience is dependent on your internet connection and the projection capability of your venue. Your network connection should sustain a download speed of at least 20 Mbps to view the simulcast. The movie file will be emailed you a week prior to your event so you have time to test with the movie.  The movie is uploaded to a password-protected page.  If you would like to take an intermission during the movie, you have the ability to pause the movie.  Our technology also allows you to start, stop, rewind, and pause.  You will be in control of starting the movie. 

TIP: During your event, we recommend a dedicated internet connection for the computer you are using to download the stream. We also recommend that the connection be wired, not wireless.  You have limited bandwidth, and the more users accessing the same network, the slower your download times, which may lessen the quality of the stream.

Please DO NOT use a wireless connection for your simulcast event. An ethernet cable/ "hard lined" connected internet decreases the chances for interference and trouble.

Remember, in order to get the most accurate results, test the exact set-up you will use to show the simulcast (i.e. use the same computer, internet connection, sound, etc. in the room where you will show it).


Please test your internet speed 
Your “download speed” number is the key for your broadcast capability. Your network connection should sustain a download speed of 20 Mbps or greater. To check your download speeds, visit www.speedtest.net, click BEGIN TEST, and your speed will be tested, providing you with an accurate indication of your capacity. 

Limit your network
We highly recommended that the only computer accessing the network during the broadcast is the one showing the movie. Also, plan to have a dedicated internet connection for that computer when are downloading the stream. 

By the way, do not have other applications running on your computer simultaneously such as virus scanning, updates, or backup software.

Your device and resolution
Check your video projector resolution to ensure that it matches your computer resolution. In full screen mode on your computer, you should see full screen with your projector. After connecting your computer to the projector, power on the computer first and then turn on the projector for auto-detecting of the resolution. 

Remember to test and test again
Whether you have hosted an event before or this is your first, our proprietary platform is always being updated to optimize the best content delivery system. That’s why we strongly recommend running tests before your movie event begins. We send you the movie a week prior to your hosting date, so you will have plenty of time to test. 

Internet browser recommendation 
FCN recommends using Google Chrome as your internet browser for hosting your event (https://www.google.com/chrome/).

 If you are using Mac OS, you may prefer Firefox (https://www.mozilla.org/enUS/firefox/new/).

 If you are using Windows 10, we recommend Edge (https://microsoftedge.en.softonic.com/).

 In both cases, we strongly recommend you install Google Chrome as well and run tests with both browsers. Keep both on your computer through the event so you have one as a back-up browser.

Trouble Shooting 

I cannot get to the page to enter my password
Make sure you click on the link directly or copy and paste it into your browser. If you type it in, it must match exactly. CAPS MATTER for the LINK and PASSWORD.

The video page comes up with a black screen with a spinning ball

I don't have sound!
Make sure your mute button is not on. It is between the time button on the right side and the full-screen button. If you still don’t have sound, please log out and log back in.

How do I go to full screen?
To go to full-screen format, look underneath the video screen where you will see the time button on the right-hand side, along with the mute button, and two sideways arrows. Click on those arrows to go to full screen. 

More questions?
Email Info@FaithContentNetwork.com or call 1-800-873-0880.

What is a Premium Titles vs $5 Titles

Premium titles are earmarked with a "premium tag" because they are currently showing in theaters within their first window of release. These films tickets begin at $11 for adults and $5 for kids.


The $5 film titles are films that we know and love from years past. Because they are past their initial release window and outside of theaters, they are offered at a discount price.