Safer At Church

Covid-19 has uniquely affected churches as it has run it’s course throughout the world. The Faith Content Network wants to help create a safe environment for your church and congregation as we navigate these delicate times. Below are a few resources and tools from various ministries and organizations on how to effectively keep your church safe.

Church Supplies

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Free Resources to Help Churches and Ministries Resume Operations

Ministry Grid

A Complete COVID-19 Guide to Lead Your Church Toward a New Normal from Ministry Grid. The reality of COVID-19 may not seem beautiful at the moment, but we have a unique opportunity to see our churches thrive today and in the days to come. This training includes 9 videos and 15 downloadable documents to help you create a contextualized response and reopening plan for your church.

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Humanitarian Disaster

Guide to Reopening Church Services. We're excited to share with you our latest (FREE!) resource, Guide to Reopening Church Services: A Step-by-Step, Biblically-Based and Research-Based Approach to Resuming In-Person Ministries.

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Outreach offers discounted face masks and hand sanitizers to churches. It can be difficult to navigate material needs, costs and logistics to get your congregation prepared to meet in person. Click HERE for low-cost face masks and touchless sanitization stations for your Church today!

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Acts 29

Acts 29 has created a list of resources and ideas sorted by topic to assist you and your church during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have compiled these resources based on input from our churches around the world. This in no way serves as a list of products, services, or even ideas that Acts 29 endorses, but simply a compilation of others’ suggestions that we wanted to provide to you. Please use your own research and discretion as you lead your churches, but feel free to use the below ideas as you find them helpful.

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If your ministry is considering reopening in the near future, you and your team are probably asking a lot of questions to determine how best to keep your congregation safe.

  • What will the worship schedule look like?
  • What new training will our staff and volunteers need?
  • When will we resume children’s ministry?
  • As you look forward to resuming in-person operations and worship, now is the time to carefully plan for a safe and effective re-entry.
To help you navigate this new unknown, GuideStone® has compiled resources for your ministry as you consider the various stages of re-entry.

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Brotherhood Mutual