Host Your Own Drive In Movie Night

Join together safely with your congregation by hosting a drive-in movie night! Invite your members, neighbors, etc. to this outdoor event. Encourage attendees to bring their own snacks and to stay in the car while they view the film on a giant screen! Follow our four steps below to ensure the ease of your drive-in night.

Step 1: Purchase Screen

To host your church’s drive-in movie night, you’ll need a projector and blow-up screen. See below for a few screens available on Amazon:

20 Foot Screen

20-foot Inflatable Screen

Available On Amazon
17 Foot Screen

17-foot Inflatable Screen

Available On Amazon
15 Foot Screen

15-foot Inflatable Screen

Available On Amazon

Step 2: Invite

Invite your congregation, neighbors, etc. to this fun gathering! Be sure to include details on COVID precautions:

Step 3: Set Up

Congrats--you've made it to the night of the event! Here's your checklist for the night:

  1. Projector and screen set up
  2. FM radio instructions available for audience sound (see this link for instructions on how to an FM transmitter to your sound system)
  3. Movie license acquired and film ready to play
  4. Parking spaces marked off/masked parking attendant available
  5. COVID-friendly concessions set up (if applicable)